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Marx in London: An Illustrated Guide

Asa Briggs John Callow

Region : | Language : English | Product Binding : Paper Back | Page No. : 110 | Year : 2015
ISBN : 9789350023594

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Marx lived in London as a political exile from 1849 until his death in 1883. This book links the story of Marx's life in London to the places he lived and worked, and is aimed at visitors who are interested in seeing the places with which he was particularly associated. It is fully illustrated with photographs, maps and illustrations, and includes transport details to places of interest.

Marx lived for several years in Soho, before moving to Kentish Town in 1856. Other places of significance to his life include the British Museum Reading Room, where he worked on Capital, Covent Garden, where the meetings of the First International took place, and Hampstead Heath, where Marx and his friends spent family Sundays.

Asa Briggs is the author of many books, including Victorian CitiesA Social History of England, and a five volume series on the history of the BBC.

John Callow is the chief librarion of the Marx Memorial Library. He is author of several books including The King in ExileThe Making of James II and The Triumph and the Tragedy.


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