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MARXIST CULTURAL MOVEMENT IN INDIA: Chronicles and Documents (1936-1947)  (3 Volumes set) 

Sudhi Pradhan

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The three volumes of Marxist Cultural Movement in India :Chronicles and Documents, compiled and edited by Sudhi Pradhan, were first published 1979 and 1985.Pradhan’s monumental effort remains a documentary history of a rare kind. Since 1985, these volumes have been used and acknowledged by numerous scholars working in the fields of cultural history, literary history , communism in India and related areas.Sudhi Pradhan (1912-1997) never claimed that his collection of documents was a complete one. In the preface to the third volume he indicates avenues which could be fruitfully explored by future generation of scholars to supplement his work . Yet ,the collection remains invaluable , including as it does early documents of All India Progressive Writers, Conference , All India People’s Theatre Conference, the first bulletin of the Indian People’s Theatre Association ,West Bengal Government secret circular against IPTA and PWA (1949) and other interesting items. Papers and address presented by eminent writers and artists to the conferences documented here include those by Munshi Premchand , K.A.Abbas, Sajjad Zaheer, Mulk Raj Anand, Sisir Kumar Bhaduri, Balraj Sahni , Hemanga Biswas, Vidya Munshi , Harindra Nath Chattopadhyay and Ali Sardar Jafri .A review by E.M.S Namboodiripad , written in 1986, is reprinted in the first volume.


Orphaned early Sudhi Pradhan (1912-1997) spent much of his neglected childhood among poor children of dalit communities, learning quickly to overcome caste-barriers and class-divisions. His studies were often interrupted by his participation in the freedom movement, which included prison-terms brining him into contact with impressive communist personalities. In 1939 he left medical studies to become a full-time member of the CPI and eventually an organiser in the Indian People's Theatre Movement. His main achievement was to bring eminent folk-artists like Ramesh Sil, Nibaran Pandit and Gumani Diwan on the same platform with the more publicised city-bred performers. This enriched the movement immensely. The last 20 years of his life were devoted to travelling from one district of West Bengal to another, seeking out folk artists, helping them to preserve what they themselves had created. He also approached the Panchayats, to pursuade them to become instrumental in providing support to traditional folk culture. Almost to his last breath, he was an organiser of the movement of people's theatre and people's art. 


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