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Aligarh Muslim University (Dept. of History)

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Medieval India Quarterly and Medieval India-A Miscellany are the earliest journals which were published from the Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University during the mid-20th Century. They helped to forward researches in medieval Indian History and established the so-called Aligarh School of history writing.

The term “medieval” is interpreted in the widest sense, i.e. the study begins from the time of the break-up of the Rajput States and the founding of the centralised sultanate of the Turks who made attempts to bring the different parts of the country under a unified political and economic system. It extends up to the period when British rule was established and the country was drawn into the orbit of modern industrial civilisation. It includes movements and institutions which the Europeans call ‘original’, that is, those whose main source of inspiration did not come from the industrial civilisation of the West, but which were essentially continuations from the pre-Industrial era.

The term ‘India’ is used in its historical, i.e. pre-partition, sense and this study therefore brings within its compass the history of areas and territories which are now in Pakistan.

The aim of this series of volumes, which will emphasise the study and publication of source material, will be to promote research in the history of the Indian people, in all its diversity and manifold aspects – political, social, economic and cultural – and to discover any relationship or correspondence between these different aspects.



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