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Bal Gangadhar Tilak

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Indian astronomy was one of the first subjects which attracted the attention of Western scholars after the existence of Sanskrit literature became known to them in the last quarter of the 18th century. There are a number of learned and critical works written by Indologists like William Jones, Colebrooke, Davies, Bailey, Bentley, Whitney, Jacobi, Plunkett, Biot and many more. Some of these works were highly critical of the Indian system and led to several controversies, and some explored the depth and antiquity of the system followed in India quite brilliantly and in an unbiased manner.

This small treatise attempts to put things in proper perspective, edevouring to sum up the whole controversy, thus recasting, revising, enlarging, and bringing upto date, the theories which were readily accepted by scholars from all parts of the world. 

Bal Gangadhar Tilak (or Lokmanya Tilak, 23 July 1856 - 1 August 1920), was an Indian nationalist, teacher, and an independence activist. He was one third of the Lal Bal Pal tiumvirate. Tilak was the first leader of the Indian Independence Movement. The British colonial authorities called him "The father of the Indian unrest". He was also conferred with the title of "Lokmanya", which means "accepted by the people" (as their leader). TIlak was one of the first and strongest advocates of Swaraj (self-rule) and a strong radical in Indian consciousness. He is known for his quote in Marathi: "Swarajya is my birthright and I shall have it!". 


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