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Zaheer Ali

Region : World | Language : English | Product Binding : Hardbound | Page No. : 335 | Year : 2019
ISBN : 9789350026298

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The book is a tribute to the brilliance of one of the finest poets in the history of the Urdu literature. The naem of Faiz Ahmed Faiz does not remain confined only to the Indian subcontinent but he is also known in the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and even in the U.S. No other Urdu poet with the exception of Ghalib and Iqbal can rival Faiz in terms of popularity. Despite being a committed Leftist, Faiz is known for his enchanting poetic style. He dreams about revolution as a lover dreams about his beloved. He, till date, remains the only Urdu poet whose name was considered for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Besides his poetic genius, Faiz was an exceptional man because of various facets of his personality. He was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize.


Zaheer Ali is a Mumbai-based academician, freelance journalist and social activist. Starting his career as a research investigator in a project on socio-political consciousness among Muslims in India undertaken by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, he worked for a year with a monthly magazine, Secular Demorcary, in New Delhi. Subsequently, he began teaching Political Science, first in Aurangabad and later retiring as Head of the Department of Political Science, I.Y. College, Mumbai. Presently, he heads the Centre for the Promotion of Democracy and Secularism (CPDS) that is essentially committed to disseminate the values such as secularism, democracy, justice, equality and unviersity students and their theachers. Through orientation camps, conferences and seminars, the CPDS is engaged in affording its inputs building a secular, democratic and enlightened India. Zaheer Ali is a prolofic writer and avid participant in national and international conferences and seminars. Besides, contributing several research papers to leading publications, he has so far written and edited more than half a dozen books on socio-political and literary themes both in English and Urdu that include, Off the Spotlight, Secularism and its Indian Version, Reading History (ed.), Talmihat-e-Faiz, Mata-e-Nazar, What Ails Indian Muslims co-edited with Murzban Jal. His latest book is Secularism Under Seige: Revisiting the Indian Secular State (ed.).


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