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INDIA: The Wrong Transition

Anand K Sahay

Region : World | Language : English | Product Binding : Hardbound | Page No. : 288 | Year : 2019
ISBN : 9789350026144

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-Anand Sahay perceptively covers a wide horizon. His articles on Kashmir are thought-provoking. We broke the story of Indira Gandhi’s assassination together for the BBC. Since then, Anand has been well known for his analytical essays.

                                           Satish Jacob, former India correspondent of the BBC; co-author with Mark Tully of Amritsar- Mrs Gandhi’s Last Battle.


-A must read for those who follow Indian politics. This collection of delightfully written articles provides an accurate if deeply distressing account of the fearful political transition that the world’s largest democracy has undergone over the past five years, more especially on Kashmir.

                                          - Dr Radha Kumar- historian, author and policy analyst- was an Interlocutor for Jammu and Kashmir appointed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s government in 2010.


-Fascinating ... a perceptive audit of the Modi years ... skilfully navigates and assesses the transformation of both state and society under an ideologically driven right-wing government. A chronicle of our times ... this collection must be read by anyone interested in understanding the fate of policy, politics and democracy in the last five years. 

                                             - Zoya Hasan, Professor Emerita, Centre for Political Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University.


About the book- 

In the absence of institutional restraint, and of independent journalism, which is not afraid to excavate the wrong-doings of the rulers and expose the mechanism through which their dark deeds are performed, democracy in India can today be said to be on the brink of a precipice. It has never been laid so low before, though there have been bad times for democracy in the past and unedifying policy failures.

      The Modi government has been unlike any other government India has known. Its actions show that it has been ideology-driven in the extreme, and has limited inclination for the material development of society- which is serious, dogged, time-consuming, business. Its aim appears to be no less than the transformation of both state and society in India along prescriptive religious lines through the misuse of state power.

      This has been sought to be done not only through governmental effort and public funds, but also the odious organised actions of a cadre of tens of thousands of persons outside of government- akin to a paramilitary force in civvies- who resort to physical violence and threats, the dissemination of fake news to achieve narrow political and ideological ends, and intense activity on social media to vilify, abuse and threaten opponents, all the while uttering traditional Hindu pieties.


Anand K Sahay is a columnist and commentator based in New Delhi. He has reported politics and foreign affairs for leading Indian newspapers. He worked as a foreign correspondent in London and led a newspaper in war-time Kabul. He has reported the fall of communism from Moscow, the end of the apartheid era from South Africa, and the transfer of Hong Kong to China.



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