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Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century

James Boggs Grace Lee Boggs

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More than thirty years of experience in the labor, radical, and black movements in the United States and distilled by the authors in these pages. This book provides a concise and instructive review of the revolutions of the twentieth century, with separate chapters on the Russian, Chinese, Guinea-Bissau, and Vietnamese revolutions, and examines the various currents of Marxism active in the revolutions of our times. A second section is devoted to the United States, and provides a survey of the class forces in American history as well as the authors’ ideas on the objects and means of an American revolution. This edition includes a new introduction by Grace Lee Boggs that puts the book in its historical context and argues for the continuing imperative of revolution.

James Boggs (1919-1993) was an African American auto worker and radical activist raised in rural Alabama. His books include The American Revolution and Racism and the Class Struggle, both published by Monthly Review Press.

Grace Lee Boggs is a philosopher and activist based in Detroit. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, she has chronicled her life in struggle in the autobiographical Living for Change. The James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership was founded in 1995 in Detroit to carry on their work and honor their legacy.


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