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The World After the Collapse of the Soviet Union

Randhir Singh

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ISBN : 9789350021187

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Prof. Randhir Singh’s Crisis of Socialism – Notes in Defence of a Commitment, dealing with the why and how of the collapse of Soviet Union’s ‘actually existing socialism’, its implications and the question of socialism in our time and recognised as a pioneering work – ‘One of the most important, if not the most important book we have read’, ‘a key to all that is going on in our world today’, ‘if there were a required reading list for the U.S. left, this should be on it’, and so on – is now being published in six separate volumes.

This volume, dealing with the situation in the world (particularly in the third and first world parts of it) following the collapse and disappearance of the Soviet Union, is essentially a theoretical exercise focused on the question of socialism in our times. The issues dealt with include socialism in one country, the world-system theory, post-colonial national projects, the current long-term crisis of capitalism (a ‘depressed continuum’ Meszaros has called it), globalisation, welfare capitalism, the role of the state, the necessity and possibility of a socialist transcendence of capitalism, etc. There is a detailed discussion of globalisation, both as a response to the current crisis of capitalism and as a concept that has come up to present the international expansion and domination of capitalism in a favourable light, an alternative to Marxist vocabulary with its concepts of capitalism, imperialism, etc. Its specificities (including the ‘Information Revolution’) as also the opposition to it, are noted and analysed.

Of the former second world, the chapter on Russia is focused on the beginnings of capitalist restoration in the country, and  that on China on the country’s road to capitalism. The author sees Cuba as ‘a hopeful legacy’: ‘In the midst of the worldwide “crisis of socialism”, with the former communist regimes and parties succumbing one after another to the lure or power of the market, Cuba has stood almost alone and defiant, so far, against the global offensive of capitalism. Cuba remains the one society which has retained a revolutionary commitment although having to make concessions to global capitalism. Even as it retreats in some spheres of life, it has come to lead the world in others – for example, in the vision of an ecological society and development of socialist democracy’.

Randhir Singh, a distinguished teacher and former Professor of Political Theory, University of Delhi, is the author of Crisis of Socialism – Notes in Defence of a CommitmentReason, Revolution and Political TheoryFive Lectures in Marxist ModeMarxism, Socialism, Indian Politics – A View from the LeftContemporary Ecological Crisis – A Marxist ViewIndian Politics Today – An Argument for Socialism-Oriented Path of DevelopmentStruggle for Socialism – Some Issues and What was Built and What Failed in the Soviet Union. He has been associated with the communist movement since 1939. Of his writings, Harry Magdoff, editor, Monthly Review, has said: ‘I admire the solidity of your analysis as well as the firmness of your commitment’.


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