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The State in Capitalist Society

Ralph Miliband

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ISBN : 9789350021118

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The State in Capitalist Societyis recognized as on of the most important books in political sociology published since the Second World War. In the wake of a neo-liberal era recognized almost universally as one which saw the retreat of the state, the massive scale of state intervention today makes the republication of this classic study extremely timely.

This edition includes a new foreword by Professor Leo Panitch, York University, Toronto.

Contents includes: Economic Elites and Dominant Class; The State System and the State Elite; The Purpose and Role of Governments; Servants of the State; Imperfect Competition; The Process of Legitimation; Reform and Repression.

Ralph Miliband (1924-1994) was one of the key intellectual figures of the British New Left. He was the founder of the Socialist Register and author of Marxism and PoliticsParliamentary Socialism (reprinted 2009) and Socialism for a Sceptical Age.

He held the Chair of Politics at the University of Leeds; he also taught at the London School of Economics, Brandeis in Boston, York University in Toronto and the City University of New York.


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