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We, the People : The Drama of America

Leo Huberman

Region : | Language : English | Product Binding : Paper Back | Page No. : 384 | Year : 2011
ISBN : 9789350021408

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“It may seem almost harsh to those who have been fed on idealistic and, too often, unreal histories. However, it is strong and vital and of great value in showing its readers that it is the toilers and not the fighters who have done the most for progress.” – BaltimoreEvening Sun

“In combining the art of a fiction writer with the skill of a historian, Mr. Huberman has provided in this book a history of the American people that can be read and understood by any intelligent child above the age of ten….There is not a dull page in the book…graphic and gripping from beginning to end…An authentic contribution to historical literature.”                                                              – The Nation

“A sharply selective history of the United States. It is vivid, direct: it has the drive of purpose and of an unmistakable and winning sincerity…The reader bumps into the last page, surprised to find it come so soon.” – Lewis Gannett (who suggested the book for the Pulitzer Prize)

“WE, THE PEOPLE is an imaginative, courageous and mature work…a performance no person of any age can afford a neglect…characterized by a lively vocabulary, a happy utilization of original documents within the body of the text without muddying the swift flow of the narrative…This is a history of the American people in the true sense, with the mass as hero and victim, too.”                   – The New Republic

“This is a unique and stimulating book and one that fills a decided need…stirring and thrilling...The author has made excellent use of statistical information and his handling of source material is masterly.”                                                               – The New York Times


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