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Practising the Symbolic: Pierre Bourdieu's Contribution

Sheena Jain

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ISBN : 9789350022313

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A powerful theory of the symbolic embedded within a remarkable and original theory of practice is a nodal aspect of the work of Pierre Bourdieu, who was a leading social thinker of our times (1930-2002). Against the backdrop of the significance of symbolic practice in social life, this book explains the intellectual warp and woof of his theory of the symbolic; presents a brief excursus that explores its potential to illuminate social contexts other than those in which ti was conceived; examines its links with Bourdieu's role of social critic and public intellectual; and engages critically with scholarly assessments of his contribution. The book thus seeks to provide a comprehensive and in depth analysis and understanding of a central dimension of Bourdieu's work. 


Sheena Jain  is a Professor of Sociology at the Deparment of Sociology, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. She commenced her research work on Pierre Bourdieu's social theory in 1987 as a Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Cambridge, UK.



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