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R.G. Collingwood

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The great philosopher of history R.G. Collingwood died in 1943, but his work became famous posthumously. Historians own him a great debt and this book is part of all serious history methodology courses across the world. In this tour de force Collingwood discusses the subject known as the philosophy of history as it evolved from the times of Herodotus to the twentieth century. According to Collingwood the philosophy of history is important because it consciously or subconsciously informs the imagination of the historian. Thus the study of historiography and the ideas which animate the historians is crucial to comprehend the growth of history writing in its entirety. In numerous ways the serious student of history intent on becoming a self reflexive scholar will imbibe much wisdom from this classic.

R.G. Collingwood was an English philosopher, historian and archaeologist whose work provided a major twentieth century attempt to reconcile philosophy and history.


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