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Ivan Illich

Region : World | Language : English | Product Binding : Hardbound | Page No. : 144 | Year : 2021
ISBN : 9789350027172

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"It is impossible to overstate the imporatance of this book, the most profound, far reaching, and significant analysis of our decaying industrial and technocratic society that has been written. Some may argue that Illich's analysis of the ills of our time is not complete and his proposed remedy is far from clear. They may to some extent be right. But from now on no analysis that does not include his, extend it, grow out from it, can be considered as anything but trivial and misleading. If man is to prevent the destruction of his environment, his society, and his spirit, here is whee he must start." - John Hall

Ivan Illich was born in Vienna and grew up in Europe, the United States, and Puerto Rico. In 1964 he helped setup the Center for Intercultural Documentation (CIDOC) in Cuernavaca, Mexico. At CIDOC he directed research seminars on "Institutional Alternatives in a Technological Society," with special focus on Latin America. He was the author of Deschooling Society and Limits to Medicine.



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