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Moustafa Bayoumi Andrew Rubin

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ISBN : 9780525565314

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The renowned literary and cultural critic Edward Said was one of our era’s most provocative and important thinkers. This comprehensive collection of his work, expanded from the earlier Edward Said Reader, now draws from across his entire four-decade career, including his posthumously published books, making it a definitive one-volume source.
The Selected Works includes key sections from all of Said’s books, including his groundbreaking Orientalism; his memoir, Out of Place; and his last book, On Late Style. Whether writing of Zionism or Palestinian self-determination, Jane Austen or Yeats, or of music or the media, Said’s uncompromising intelligence casts urgent light on every subject he undertakes. The Selected Works is a joy for the general reader and an indispensable resource for scholars in the many fields that his work has influenced and transformed.


“This volume reveals the dazzling range of Said’s oeuvre, spanning explorations of political, historical, and literary matters to the studies of humanism, secularism, and theories of intellectualism. . . . An indispensable resource for scholars of cultural studies, history and politics, literature, sociology, anthropology, Western classical music and the arts.” —Library Journal 

“What becomes most evident rereading Said’s work—besides the startlingly clear prose and impeccable scholarship—is how his contrary, original thought has affected other intellectual disciplines.” —Kirkus Reviews

“One of the leading thinkers of the age.”–The New York Observer

“Edward Said is the most distingished and cultural critic now writing in America.” –Cornel West

“Said is a brilliant and unique amalgam of scholar, aesthete, and political activist…[He] challenges and stimulates our thinking in every area.” —Washington Post Book World

“No one studying the relations between the metropolitan West and the decolonizing world can ignore Mr. Said’s work.” —The New York Times Book Review



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