Major Chandrakant Singh VrC


Major Chandrakant Singh VrC, commissioned in the Brigade of Guards, is a prolific writer on military history and travel. He is a veteran of counter-insurgency operations and the 1971 War in which he was wounded and received the Vir Chakra for gallantry. His wartime commamnding officer Lt Gen Himmeth Singh in a letter to Brig Desmond Hayde MVC the hero of the Battles of Dograi and an icon of the Indian Army, wrote: "For the next three days, Chandrakant's company was hit with everything the Pakies could muster; they were physically assaulted, engaged by artillery, fired at point blank range by tanks and even strafed by enemy air until I thought they could not take anymore.....Chandrakant and men like him you can kill but never defeat. Recommended for the Param Vir Chakra he was given the Vir Chakra. He was a company commander very nearly unequalled in the army."

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