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Children of Abraham at War : The Clash of Messianic Militarisms

Talmiz Ahmad

INR : 1250.00 View Details

Wobblies and Zapatistas; Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History

Staughton Lynd, Andrej Grubacic

INR : 395.00 View Details

Nationalism and Socialism :Marxist and Labour Theories of Nationalism to 1917

Horace B Davis

INR : 295.00 View Details

The Right Lesson and The Wrong Conclusion

Randhir Singh

INR : 495.00 View Details

CLR James - A New Notion: Two Works by C.L.R. James - Every Cook Can Govern; The Invading Sociali

Noel Ignatiev

INR : 195.00 View Details

Histories of Labour; National and International Perspectives

Joan Allen, Alan Campbell, John McIlroy

INR : 995.00 View Details

The Tebhaga Movement: Politics of Peasant Protest in Bengal 1946-1950

Asok Majumdar

INR : 695.00 View Details

India: Perspectives on Politics, Economy and Labour 1918-2007; Vol. 1 - The Age of Gandhi, 1918-1

C K Johri

INR : 1195.00 View Details

We, the People : The Drama of America

Leo Huberman

INR : 395.00 View Details