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East Faces West; Impressions of a Turkish Writer in India: Halidé Edib

Mushirul Hasan

INR : 495.00 View Details

Pehchaan Ki Khoj Me Rajput; Dharmik Samasikta Ko Chunautiyan (पहचान की खोज

Asif Iqbal

INR : 60.00 View Details

The Challenge and Burden of Historical Time : Socialism in the Twenty-First Century

István Mészáros

INR : 395.00 View Details

Humanity and Society : A World History

Kenneth Neil Cameron

INR : 395.00 View Details

English Education and the Question of Indian Nationalism; A Perspective on the Vernacular

Santosh Dash

INR : 375.00 View Details

Mughal Poetry: Its Cultural and Historical Value

Hadi Hasan

INR : 450.00 View Details

Rethinking a Millennium; Perspectives on Indian History From the Eighth to the Eighteenth Century

Rajat Datta

INR : 1195.00 View Details

The Rani of Jhansi; Rebel Against Will

Rainer Jerosch

INR : 495.00 View Details

India; The Rise of an Asian Giant

Dietmar Rothermund

INR : 550.00 View Details